Thursday, 31 October 2013

2013-10-31 - Craig - Step-ups, Burpees

2 rds
10 box step ups
10 burpees
Rest 3:00

2 rds
10 x 20" box step ups
10 burpees
Rest 3:00

  1. Step ups
    • That was too high for me just yet.
      My left hip wouldn't sit back, used to much quad and that knee wandered a lot.
    • Having said that the gap between current state and being able to use it well is closing.
  2. Burpees
    • I could do these moderately well a little while ago.
      That has certainly been fixed.
  • It had burpees, that automatically eleveates its suckiness.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

2013-10-29 - Craig - Tabata Rows

Tabata rows

Tabata rows


  • Made about a 1:45 pace most of the time.
  • Lost count of the rounds, as always. I haven't bothered to look at the video to see how many I actually did.
    It is what it is.
  • It wasn't as bad as I feared, which I thought might be the case, I just can't push myself that hard yet.
  • Fran cough stared almost immediately after I turned the camera off and I nearly lost a lung over the next half an hour or so.

Friday, 25 October 2013

2013-10-25 - Craig - Skill/Strength - Pull-ups

EMOM for 10
1-2 pull ups using bands

EMOM for 10
1 pull up, no bands, not from a dead hang

Raining here so I used the rafter in the shed and it hurt my poor soft handsies.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

2013-10-24 - Craig - Dbell box squats and press, ring rows

Dumbbell box squat and press (like thrusters)
Ring row
Rest 3:00 repeat
Forgot to start the camera again for a while after the rest break.

12kg Dumbbell box squat and press - 20" box
Ring row

Rest 3:00 repeat

  1. Dumbbell box squat and press
    • Eww, yuck.
    • Tight shoulders put the brakes on shoulders extending.
    • Relaxed onto the box.
    • They shouldn't be this damn hard!
  2. Ring rows
    • I think I might have been a bit slack at working on these lately.

  • This one hit some weaknesses.
    Basically anything that that doesn't involve sitting on a chair and not moving for hours on end.
  • That was ridiculously hard.
    Not "lay on the floor afterwards and flop around like a dying fish because you've pushed yourself to the limits" hard although a bit of that.
    "Just can't do this crap properly hard". The frustrating kind of hard.

    Wednesday, 23 October 2013

    2013-10-23 - Craig - Skill/Strength - Craig - Hanging leg raises

    EMOM for 10
    Hanging leg raises

    EMOM for 10
    3 x Hanging leg raise

    Every minute I hung, I raised my legs.
    After 10 minutes I stopped.

    Monday, 21 October 2013

    2013-10-21 - Craig - Pull-ups, Push-ups, Squats

    8 Rds
    3 pull ups
    5 press ups
    7 squats to a box
    Rest 1:00 between rounds

    9 Rounds
    3 Pull ups
    5 Push ups
    7 Air squats to a 20" box
    Rest 1:00 between rounds

    1. Pull-ups
      • Obviously a fail to do them without assistance.
      • Thought I might be able to pull it off.
      • Thought wrong.
    2. Push-ups
      • Despite the dispaly of total lack of strength, I'm very happy with those.
      • Somewhow squeezing my but helped my shoulders set in place and my elbows to track what I think was correctly. Video angle doesn't let me see exactly what was going on.
      • Something a bit odd happening with my shoulder as I press out of the bottom. My upper back seems to hunch over a bit more as I push. Head dropping? Shoulder blades winging?
        Can't quite see from this and no idea what's happening in mid exercise.
    3. Squats
      • Still rough, but better.
      • Happier with those than I have been in a while.

    • Ridiculously weak.
    • Still over thinking.
      My head is full of "stuff" while I'm training and it messes me up, almost like a panic attack. Occasionally I touch on just being in the moment. If I could hold onto that training would be almost meditation.

    Thursday, 3 October 2013

    2013-10-03 - Craig - Deadlift, HPC, Push-press

    AMRAP in 3:00
    5 Deadlifts (technically correct throughout)
    5 Hang power cleans
    5 Push presses
    Rest 2:00
    Repeat 2x

    AMRAP 3
    5 x 20kg Deadlifts
    5 x 20kg Hang power cleans
    5 x 20kg Push presses
    Rest 2:00
    Repeat 2x
    1. Deadlifts
      • I wasn't sure whether to load up the deadlift and strip it back for the other movements so went with the lightest option.
      • Not the perfect form you asked for, sorry,
    2. HPC
      • Umm, "I've seen worse".
        Admittedly not on anyone who could move any actual weight.
    3. Push press
      • From not being able to push jerk at all, now I can't stop myself.
      • Shoulders were still tight and it was a struggle to hit the corner at the top.
    • Logistics of the shed obviously worked against me.
      Probably should have faced the camera in the push-presses.

    Tuesday, 1 October 2013

    Strength/skill - Craig - Pull-ups

    EMOM for 10
    1-2 pull ups using bands

    EMOM 10
    2 pull-ups - Green band

    Turned out pretty well.
    Kept fairly organised so it wasn't a loosely connected bag of bones bouncing on a band. As a consequence sternum to bar most reps.