Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Monday, 13 February 2012

Well part of this was sensible


  1. 9 x 20kg front squat and press.
    It couldn't be called a thruster, there were 2 distinct movements.
  2. Knees on box elbow stand to head stand.
The second thing was pointless aside from being good practise at getting my shoulders over my elbows.
The "thrusters" were frustrating. It was easier to press the damn  bar than it was to front squat it. I am just not designed for squatting.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It had to be tried

Row 2000m
Every minute of rowing, do:
5 x 15kg Sots press

Not a great success.
My sots presses are absolutely dreadful. Amazing crapping dog squat position and about a 45 degree angle on the presses. I would have been better to  do:
20 x PVC sots press.
Holding the squat was easy, having the weight overhead was not. Another try with lighter weight to try and get into a good squat would make me happier.

A highlight though was holding an elbow stand for a brief moment against the wall. I did the clasped hands variation and my upper arms were not vertical, but my shoulders held up and let me do it.

I'll try that again when I haven't been stressing, and mobilising, my shoulders as much and see how it goes.
I'd love to be able to pull of a full palms down version of that. And maybe, one day, even free-standing?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

20kg press
20kg T-handle russian swing

Yesterday I felt the swings right in my posterior chain after I finished filing out the new 10kg plate, today it was all upper back.
2 possibilities spring to mind, both equally likely:

  1. My hamstrings weren't awake after a day at work.
  2. Yesterday I was wearing jeans and those don't get stuck the way the shorts do so I can set into the movement more.
This should have been a much better workout.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Called it quits

2 Rounds
  10x 45kg back squat
      5 pull-ups
      10 scaled push-ups
      15 x 15kg hang muscle snatch

10x 45kg back squat

Visiting kids were here by then and Uncle Craig exercising was too much of a conversation topic to keep much focus.
Big mistake wearing my Old Navy cargos for the squats. Damn things are too tight and as I got sweaty I couldn't get my arse back, so knees came forward and they hurt now.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Not sure this wasn't a mistake

8 x 25kg front squat
8 x seated press, Louie style.

"Seated" in this case meaning on the ground, feet straight out in front.
I thought it might give me some insight into strict pressing and locking my spine straight, but not really. I thinking standing presses more useful, I spend enough time sitting down the rest of the day, best not intentionally assume that position when training.

Played with these stretches:

I'd really like to get a forearm balance. It looks cool (and that's always a reason to itself) and it will be a true indicator that I have my shoulder tightness sorted out.