Sunday, 20 June 2010

Squat check and baby WOD

Got the video out and checked the back squats.

OK so when I let my knees go forward after I've begun my descent I wound up travelling forward, breaking the vertical bar path rule. I suspected that was the case, it couldn't really work any other way and now. It also meant a very thigh dominant squat, which would be OK if I could be sure my hamstrings would drive the movement, but they don't always yet.
SO a few more sets trying to find the right amount to sit back. It's very easy for me to waaaaaaay overdo the hip break at the start and get into that good morning thing. The correct path is very very tight upper back to keep my chest up, a clear significant butt back movement and then straight down. That way I sit reasonably upright, drive out of the hole with my hips and stay tight down a very long way.

50 skips (on grass, so lots of breaks)
5 push-ups on paralletes, pinning shoulder blades back to keep shoulders from rolling forward.
15 x 12kg dbell swings Keeping chest tightly out and up to try and set the movement. Slower on the KB swings to zone in on the high chest, but interestingly the easiest reps were the ones when I had that mid-back tight, tight, tight. I hadn't been doing those well at all.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Just plain 5x5 back squats
5 x 20kg
5 x 30kg
3 x 5 x 35kg

And as pathetic as that weight is I'm really happy with that.
My hips felt solid, my knees didn't cave that I could notice, my chest stayed up and my back was tight until or very close to my nearly non-existent hamstrings touched my equally non-existent calves. Most of the time coming up my butt and hamstrings were engaged.

So that's much better than I was doing.
I'll see how my knees feel Friday to see if it really was as good as I hoped.

Aside from the improved thoracic position the other change was to send my hips back at the start, but then not try and keep driving them back all the way to the bottom. With my proportions that leads to what amounts to a bent legged good morning, really bothers my hips a lot and is completely impossible to keep my back from rounding. This way I sort of sit into it on my hamstrings. I'll get video in the weekend when I can train when it's light and see if it looks disastrous. I hope not because it felt pretty good.

Then some turkish get-ups with a 10kg dumbbell, because it was there and I'd never done them and I wanted a finisher that had me twisting and stretching a bit if that makes sense.

Monday, 14 June 2010

CF housewives beat my butt

Finally had a go at a minute version of the WOD that got me hooked on CF.

5 x 20kg OHS
5 pull-ups


Right wrist is not happy. OHS were very very untidy.
Pull-ups were, again , surprisingly good. Still had to break the last two rounds.

5 more reps of each per round and another 10kg on the bar and I'll be matching a tiny tattooed female long distance runner. Yay me.