Thursday, 22 August 2013

Row, Squat, Plate hold - Repeat

3 rds
500 m row
10 air squats to box
30 second x 10kg plate hold overhead

3 rds
500 m row
10 air squats to 20" box
30 second x 10kg plate hold overhead
  1. Row
    • Not as tidy as last time.
  2. Squat
    • Yuck.
    • Very sorry Jeff, I'll work on them, again, still
  3. Plate hold
    • Poor spot to do them for videoing, sorry.
    • Shoulder position was a bit better though, honestly.
  • Needed to do something and that's about all I achieved.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Strength/skill - Presses and ring rows

Even minutes; 5x ring rows
Odd minutes; 3 x 20kg press

Strength/skill - Hanging leg raises

Leg raises

1 x hanging leg raise

Doing these as singles was interesting. In a larger set you can throw away the first resp and arrive in a better position for the next. This way I found odd things like one keg higher than the other.
Had to make an effort to brace my midsection before each one to keep things even, which has a benefit in it's own right.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Burpees, Step-ups

For 20 minutes
On the odd minutes do 6-10 box step ups
On the even number do 5 burpees.

For 20 minutes
On the even number do 5 burpees.
On the odd minutes do 10 12" step ups

  1. Burpees
    • Reasonably happy with the later sets.
    • I do some weird thing where I drop my right side down first in the push-up portion. Interesting.
  2. Step-ups
    • Only a little step and my hips were still uneven. Frustrating.
  • Done in the laundry because we have this thing going on right now that you might not be familiar with, it's called "rain". It happens a lot here.
  • Stole one of Lynette's WODs because I needed an extra to put off that EMOM leg raise thing.
    The ab-based WOD the other day is still making that one impossible to contemplate. Should have done the EMOM first.
  • Lost track of the video editing and deleted a round some place, sorry.
  • Had me sweating  more than I expected. Should have worn my headband and screw the fashion police.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Row, Leg raise, Sit-ups, Plank, Row

500 M row or 400 M shamble
3 rounds
10 Hanging leg raises
10 sit ups
30 seconds accumulated in a plank
500 M row or 400 M shamble

500 M row
3 rounds
10 Hanging leg raises
10 abmat frog sit ups
30 seconds plank
500 M row
  1. Rows
    • Not good, not bad.
    • The first row was a lot easier than the second.
    • I had to row, my achilles are very bad right now and I'm working up to being able to walk correctly. Today was much better than they have been for a while. Rocktape really does work.
  2. Hanging leg raises
    • They got sloppy fast.
    • And my grip failed.
  3. Sit-ups
    • Kid of hit the wall on those after round one.
    • Abs were almost cramping, which is new.
  4. Plank
    • Ok.
    • There were full length mirrors on the wardrobe door of a hotel we stayed in  recently and I played with push-up hand position.
      I'd had my hands way too far forward and they still are a bit in this.
    • Overall much more comfortable on the shoulders, but still work to do.
  • Bloody security light.
    It was installed last week and I need to tweak the settings.
  • Traumatised by the scathing criticism of my sweatpants I didn't video the rows.
    Also didn't wear the headband. May need to get some sunglasses to hold keep my hair out of my eyes.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Row, Squat

3 rds
500 M row
10 squats to a box or chair

Box or chair should be at height to which you can maintain perfect mechanics.  If that means you barely bend your knees, fine.
Kill the row, squats slow to medium speed, rest 2:00 between rds

500 M row
10 air  box squats 12" box + 20kg bumper. About 16"
Rest 2 minutes
  1. Row
    • "Kill". Hah!
    • Not my best work.
    • I couldn't get my shoulders back the way I'd like and my arms aare bending too early.
    • Managed to hold under 2min/500m thank goodness, so that's something.
  2. Squats
    • Sat down too hard, sorry.
    • Rather unhappy with those.
  • Fairly average.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Sort of Fran

AMRAP until I decided to stop.
5 x air box squats - 17" box
5 x 20kg press
5 x pull-ups - green band

More than 5 rounds, less than 9. I had figured to do 5 and was enjoying myself so much I kept going for a few more.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Keeping moving

5 ring rows, legs bent
5 x 15kg barbell press - right arm
5 ring rows, legs bent
5 x 15kg barbell press - left arm
15 box air squats - 16" box