Monday, 8 April 2013

20130408 - Skill/strength

pull ups on band

hanging leg raises

Pull-ups - Green band
1 every minute for 10 minutes
Easier this time, I made it through them quite comfortably.

Hanging leg raises
Hopefully that was to an L and not a TTB. Anyway, I did the L version
1 every minute for 10 minutes.
Not as tidy as I'd like. Left leg hitched up as I rolled that hip in. Tried to roll it back out again when I saw it start, with some success.

My birthday tomorrow so we'll be out for dinner. Gives you time to digest the multitudinous incompetence I've demonstrated.

2013-04-07 Back Squat, HPC, Press

As Many Perfect Rounds as Possible
In 8:00
10 squats (to box)
10 HPC
10 presses

Use only the bar.

I did this last night but didn't post as I found it very difficult to watch the video for a bunch of reasons.

There were obviously some logistical issues with having to work in the shed so that I could be seen on video now that the days are shorter.
I could have arranged the equipment a little better at least now that I look at it.

But some notes that might not be visible in the video.
It occurred to me afterwards that maybe it was supposed to be air squats. Sorry if it was.
Touch and go was hit and miss. The times I was able to do it well I wasn't  sitting back or opening my hips fully, the times I wasn't I was doing better at one or both of those, but tended to collapse forward.
The better reps came when I concentrated on keeping my shoulder blades flat across my back..
My left hip kept rolling forward but not as much as it has and as as result, doesn't hurt as much as I'd expect following squats.
Right wrist objected a lot to being bent back so far. Too much mouse work lately. Too much work in general.
I'm sorry, I've never videoed myself doing them before.
That was shocking. I'll work on it.
My left shoulder doesn't want to move into the top corner of the movement. I have to fight to get it there and didn't consistently.
Again, felt much better if I thought about shoulder blades flat across my back.