Friday, 31 July 2009

Muscle-up practise

30 kneeling muscle-ups NFT

Worked the transition and didn't push out. Work on dips necessary.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Pushing the bear

5 x Bear complex (Deadlift, HPC, Front Squat, Press, Back Squat, Behind the neck Press version)
5 x ring push-ups.

I don't think I'd tried the bear complex before

As a general "wake up it's time you started doing something" message for the muscles it's great.
Ring push-ups were a little wobbly. The first time that's ever happened to me.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Jerry rigged Fran

Lynette was using the bar so I did
21-15-9 NFT
20kg plate thrusters
Body rows

Thrusters with a plate were surprisingly difficult. Having to hold the plate a little further away meant I had to hold my core fairly tight to keep it under control.

This one wound up being more intense than I intended at this stage of things.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Getting moving

A bunch (11,12?) x 60kg deadlift
A bunch (11, 12?) x PVC OHS
10ish parallette pass throughs.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Another Saturday

I opened up and ran the 0800 class, in the process establishing how woefully out of shape I am.
I mean who gets puffed demoing a few 10kg DB push-presses and jerks?

The class did a great job of motoring through one of the affiliate competition workouts from the games, aided slightly by my having misread the instructions for the deadlift portion. I think that knocked about a minute off their time at most though? They were working well.

I used a slightly more CF Kids style warm-up, something I think I'll stick to and expand on unless I'm told not to. It's a way of making the warm-up more fun and sneaking in some skill work disguised as amusing movements. I'm looking forward to working in "Angry Gorilla walks" somewhere. :-)

I hopped on the rower afterwards and tried Kempie's excellent (and embarrassingly obvious) suggestion of rowing without pulling with my arms to establish my leg drive. Given my pathetic condition I was able to achieve quite a respectable pace for short periods. The stroke rate was way too high and I'll work on that, but overall quite positive. Definitely doing that as often as I can for a while.

Came home and Lynette and I went out for the day. The first stop was supposed to be dropping two kids bikes in our storage unit and refreshing our memories as to what's actually in there with a view to getting rid of as much as possible. Problem was I haven't been in there in so long that I've lost the key, so I'll be going there today and seeing about getting the lock cut off. So a trip home in case I could locate the key, put the bikes back in the shed when I couldn't (so it's jam packed again and a real pain to get the workout gear out).
Then we went for a wander around Westgate and had lunch over there at a japanese restaurant. Extra miso soup when the waiter knocked an almost finished bowl over. Back to Sylvia park to watch "Angels and Demons" which happened to be in the Directors Lounge so we had the extra comfortable seats. I slept through the deaths of two cardinals but the rest of the movie was very good. We liked it much better than "The Da Vinci Code", but then we liked the book better too.
Oh and we saw Jo G from the 0800 class on her way to take a troupe of kids to "Harry Potter and the half blood prince" as we were buying ice creams, or rather she saw us.
Dinner at one of our favourite restaurants there Cafe Casablanca then home. A lovely day.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Saturday - Cooking

Chilli in the slow cooker. Pumpkin pie and pumpkin muffins (made too much pumpkin pie filling so I bunged it in some muffin pans) in the oven. Beef jerky out of the dehydrator. About to cook some venison sausages for lunch and then probably nap.

The pumpkin pie recipe is an amalgamation of about 3 from the internet.
Predominantly this one.
I used the can of pumpkin filling Laura sent me at Christmas so I'm experimenting with making my own. I roasted a butternut squash in the oven (actually I over-roasted it slightly, so there's some yuck on the roasting pan that's going to take some elbow grease to remove), peeled the skin off and pureed it with the other ingredients using a stick blender. Got the roasting idea from this recipe
I used (fake) maple syrup instead of brown sugar as per
I had some of the pumpkin pie spice Laura sent left so that was covered....
Actually it was nothing like that recipe I first linked was it? :-)
Cheated and used frozen short pastry. No flour in the house so detaching it from the cutting board I rolled it out on was problematic.
The bits I've nibbled taste good

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I'm sick

AMRAP until I get better
  1. Watching TV
  2. Napping
  3. Sneezing
  4. Coughing up things the human body should not be capable of producing
  5. Feeling sorry for myself

So far I'm on track for a stellar score.

Friday, 3 July 2009

CFNZ Thursday

Front Squats
3 x 55kg
3 x 60kg
3 x 65kg
The weight felt so light on my shoulders but I lacked power out of the hole and my back was rounding on the last two sets.
I'm happy with that for now and my knees feel OK the next day

alternated with L-Chinups


30 x 24" box jumps
400m "sprint"
30 burpees


First time using a 24" box I think. More comfortable than I thought.
Run was hard, left hamstring not at all happy.
Burpees were OK.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

CFNZ Tuesday

Hang Clean 3 x 5
I'm still jumping too high so Darren had me lessen my dip. It helped, but I'm still overdoing it. I should have talked to him about it instead of the other things we discussed afterwards.

I only recently cottoned on to jumping the weight up to get full extension and leave my arms out of it and I don't know how to do that and not leave the floor very much. I know more weight would keep me down but my front squat lets me down. Long legs and a short back puts me at a disadvantageous position there so I can power clean more than I can front squat. I can't assume a very knees forward position to get my back more vertical or my knees are very unhappy with me for several days afterwards. I know I need to work my squat more, but I suspect that will always be the case.

10 x 30kg Thrusters
10 x 16kg KB Swings
100m "sprint"


I got a new battery in my pulse watch, planned on recording my splits and I set the timer going, then on my first thruster I heard a weird series of beeps from overhead and when I stopped the whole watch had reset to the default date and time. It works fine now, but something is weird.

Thrusters; I wanted to use 25kg for the thrusters, but all of the 2.5kg plates were gone. 30 was a wee bit much. I kept my knees out of it and hamstrings engaged, so I can do that for front squats, yay! Hip pop was inconsistent and so were lockouts. Room for improvement.
KB swings; Too light. I wasn't sure if I was up to 24kg and opted for discretion. They were alomost a break after the thrusters and I was pulling the KB down to speed things up. I got pulled up for swinging too high. I was doing games standard, which is how I've always done them and that's more than is required. It's no strain on my shoulders and currently harder for me to judge if I've hit the required height so I'm not sure I like that yet. I think I'l aim to master both variations so I can switch between them as needed.
100m; Not a sprint. Nearly a stagger. On the last round I decided this was stupid and got my act together and Posed some of it (as best I could).

I spent some serious time on the roller at home and my knees are much happier this moring. Now of course I don't know if that was becuase of the roller or because I woked squats last night. I'm going to credit the roller and must spend more time on it.
My back is a little off from a couple of badly received hang cleans.

Then I helped with the second session, coughing my way through a burnt throat.
Great progress on the hang cleans by several people.