Monday, 30 September 2013

2013-09-30 - Craig - Dumbbell front squats, Push-ups

DB front squat to a box
Press ups

12kg Dumbbell front squats to 20" box
Push-ups with slingshot

Bloody camera battery died, sorry
  1. Front squats
    • I should have practised those on video.
    • Rocking off the box a lot of the time, not good.
    • Shoulders got tired holding the weights up as much as anything in the round of 15.
  2. Press Ups
    • Man I suck at those.
    • Just watched that bit, I'm not even locking the reps out, just coming off the assistance from the slingshot and stopping.
      Bloody hell!
  • Just embarrassing.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

2013-09-05 Deadlifts, Step-ups

15 - 12 - 9
Box step ups
Deadlift (Very light please)

Step ups should be no more than 15" high

40kg Deadlifts
12" Box step ups

  1. Deadlifts
    • Not lifting properly.
      Yes, I know that's vague, and obvious, but I can't summarise it better.
      It's all bits and pieces, hips first or shoulders first or hips not through.
    • Alright, maybe a couple of reps were OK.
  2. Step-ups
    • I stepped up.
    • I stepped down.
    • I still can't count.

  • Got the order wrong, sorry.
  • Camera battery died in the second round of step-ups

Monday, 2 September 2013

2013-09-02 Press, Push-ups, Row

3 rds
10 Sh Press
10 Press ups
500 m row

10 x 20kg Press
10 Snaking Push ups
500 m row

  1. Press
    • Kind of gave up trying to track elbows and rotate shoulders and whatever and concentrated on starting with my elbows in front of the bar and finishing in full extension.
    • Predictably, that felt better.
    • I really do over-think things.
  2. Push-ups
    • Very similar here.
      Couldn't get elbows to cooperate, shoulders were set wrong.
    • Last round I relaxed and enjoyed myself, as much of a struggle as it was, and everything felt much better. Haven't watched to see what that looked like yet.
  3. Row
    • Yesterday's good groove escaped me, first two rounds were over 2 minutes/500m.
    • Last round things got better and I held under 2min/500m.
      Not much under, but under, which is what I'd like to do at least.
    • When I get it right I can keep that up for as long as I've ever rowed, when I get it wrong I can't get that pace no matter how hard I push.
  • Tried hard not to rush and keep things smooth and steady as you said.
    Definitely a work in progress.
  • Really don't like those hanging leg raise workouts you prescribe.
    They really bloody hurt the next day.
    More please.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

2013-09-01 Row, Sit ups, Hanging leg raises

4 rds
300 M row
15 sit ups
5-10 Hanging leg raises

4 rds
300 M row
15 abmat frog sit ups
10 Hanging leg raises

  1. Row
    • Got better in round 2. I'd lost the groove again and found it tonight, yay!
  2. Sit-ups
    • I lay down, I sat up.
    • Not much else to say really.
  3. Leg raises
    • Tried to do them off the rafter so that I could stay in shot, but just too hard to hang on and I've been spoilt by being able to hang without touching the ground.
  • Quite liked that.
  • Don't think I would if I were really pushing for time, it would get a bit uncomfortable.